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Cabinet Maker Sketch

My Business Journey

My father the embodied the true essence of DIY.   With an encyclopedia of Time home repair books, he built our family home with my brothers and I as first assist.   Through building our family home and many other projects, I learned the fundamentals of excavation, framing, electric, plumbing, insulation, HVAC drywall and finish work.   Of all the things I learned from my father the  most important was work hard, do it right the first time, and a keen ability to figure it out.  As a young adult, I made the decision to serve our country as a Navy Hospital Corpsman.  I have had the honor of serving with the  Marines, onboard the USS JOHN F KENNEDY and USS SHILOH, and the SEAL teams.  My strong work ethic and leadership skills resulted in a successful 26 year career and  retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer.  After retirement (and a bicycle ride around the country with my wife) I decided to return to my roots by working with my hands. Through the years I have honed my skills in built-in and furniture design, construction, and finish.  My upbringing and military training has taught me to be brilliant on the basics before you can be truly good at the more advanced task.   I have taken the culmination of these lessons, combined with years of leadership and poured them into my business so you can have exactly what you need and want.  

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